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At Northpark Medical Centre, your health and well-being are our top priorities. We are committed to providing you with compassionate care, personalized treatment plans, and a welcoming environment.

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The centre aims to provide a high-quality standard where patients and doctors are both well looked after, where not only the health of patients is respected but also their time. We have notably highly trained, friendly staff and doctors who are extremely professional and respectable.

We focus on reducing waiting times, which we understand is nowadays one of the biggest problems in many GP clinics. To assist you and our doctors better and in the timeliest manner, our staff will seek a few extra enquiries from you. This will help doctors prepare and time your appointment accordingly. Your cooperation will be greatly appreciated in that regard.

NPMC aims to cater for the health needs of men and women of all ages. We have both female and male doctors with excellent communication skills and extensive experience in medicine, who are highly trained in the public health system of South Australia. They are experts in every aspect of General Practice with special expertise in feminine healthcare.

We deal with our patients with utmost respect and in return expect the same from our patients and their families. We have strong audits in place and take any complaints of misconduct very seriously. Likewise, we do not tolerate inappropriate behaviour from patients. Any violent and abusive behaviour will result in security being called and SAPOL and that patient will no longer be seen in our clinic anymore.

We have experienced nurses (RN and EN) who can provide immunisations to patients of all ages as per the Australian Immunisation Scheme/Standards and travel vaccinations and advice.

WORKCOVER- we have got you covered. All types of work-related injuries, both mental or physical will be dealt with extreme expertise as we have doctors who have worked in occupation health centres and have experience in dealing with complex WorkCover cases.

Our doctors have also worked in clinics specialising in Aboriginal healthcare and therefore have a complete understanding of the medical and social needs of our Aboriginal Community.